How to Succeed Selling Civil Construction Products

When one thinks of civil construction, most people really only consider those who are building or repairing buildings, roads, or bridges, but the truth is that there are a lot of careers that could be available for the young entrepreneur looking to start a career. There is a lot more to this industry than civil engineers, those doing home construction, or commercial contractors. There are opportunities to get involved in sales, as selling products related to civil construction is as viable a career pathway as any other type of sales.

Types of Civil Engineering Projects

It doesn't matter whether one is talking about a large metropolitan area or a rural setting -- civil engineers provide their expertise in creating a wide variety of structures in these areas. They are responsible for designing and creating such projects as roads, bridges, and dams. Their projects go way beyond that, however. This includes expanding train and railway stations and depots, building and redesigning airports, and building large highway projects. As part of the design and construction of these projects, they must determine the impact upon the environment, costs for the project, and how the project will fit into the landscape of the area.

Best Sources for Civil Construction Products

Clearly the products that are used to build these civil construction projects must be made of the highest quality possible. There cannot be a risk involved due to shoddy equipment when one is talking about building bridges and dams. This means that the best sources for finding this equipment is necessary, whether one is looking to do a little home improvement project or helping to construct a new sewer system.

All projects that are designed and constructed must meet local, regional and national codes for safety. They must have a well-educated staff that understands that challenges of the work and that can ensure projects are created with utmost expertise.

Examples of Civil Construction Projects

There are many examples of civil construction projects that are related to local businesses. This would include the systems that carry sewage and water drainage, including the pumps, valves and pipes. Water treatment is, in fact, one of the greatest needs for any municipality. It not only requires design and development, but maintenance as well.

In virtually any neighborhood in the country, there are local parks that give kids and adults alike a great place to play and enjoy the outdoors. Many of the larger sized parks go as far as to have walking and bike paths, bathrooms, sporting fields, and lighting systems. All of these require an engineer to design, construct and maintain. If you consider all that goes into a park, it is not hard to see that it takes a special kind of talent to develop the entire area.

Drainage is another area that plays a big part in the construction of highways and roads. Water streaming across a road is a danger to persons driving their vehicles, and can cause severe erosion of the road. This can lead to greater catastrophes. The product salesperson can assist in providing the perfect kinds of materials that can be used to build an efficient and safe road that can handle the impact of traffic and weather. They can also provide materials that are good for the environment.


While there are not a lot of people selling civil construction products, this in no way signifies that there is no competition. While local companies that perform these projects are urged to work with local merchants to get their materials, there is no exclusivity that makes this their only option. This is especially true of larger-sized projects that require more diverse and highly specific types of products for construction. This means that the company will be looking to find a highly competitive bid on goods that can help to make their costs lower, while also getting quality materials that can help them complete the job. A savvy sales rep can easily find companies that will only want to deal with them exclusively.